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Jan 08 2011

Feeling Positive; An Odd Change of Events

After spending two weeks dreading my return to Tulsa and the classroom, I have made it through my first week. Not only have I survived the week, it went surprisingly well. For once, I am feeling positively about the culture of my classroom and the possibility of success this semester. I hate to admit it, but I finally implemented some of the systems that TFA has been urging me to implement since day 1 of Institute. After 6 months of being ornery, I have finally put into place a classroom point system and have displayed my class mastery. Who would have thought that the only thing I needed to do to get my students out of the hallway into my class on time was to offer them a class point. Who would have thought that all I needed to get my 3rd hour class to put away their cell phones was the displaying of their 59% mastery compared to the 81% of my 2nd hour class. I suppose that after all my griping about seemingly useless and time consuming systems, I should have at least given them a chance. Lesson learned TFA:1 Me:0 My Students:1.

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  1. Alice Stefaniak

    Hi . . . a voice from the past. I read through your posts and can see how hard you are working!! You are doing what I did when I first started teaching . . . wondering about students and wondering how much impact we have on them. I am now working as a university online professor and wondering the same thing about adults some time. It takes a lot of energy for anyone to thrive within education these days.

    And often our culture, with its easy ways of gratifying people, does not mention how much energy is needed to survive and thrive.

    Kudos to you and to your efforts. I spent the last three years teaching writing and research writing to adults. It is a hard job. But there are some rewards when I hear from some of them and they can write me a great paper or do a wonderful research project.

    Keep up the good work and hopefully we can keep in contact.

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